The Importance of Accessibility

Posted on Fri September 3, 2021.

Today, on 3 September 2021, across South Africa, we celebrate Casual Day.

Casual Day is the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD)’s flagship awareness and fundraising project. This annual campaign has been running since 1995! The public’s contribution of R20.00 for a Casual Day sticker entitles them to express their individual interpretation of the yearly theme through their outfits, showing their support for the full inclusion and equity of persons with disabilities. This year’s theme is inspired by Disney’s “Ultimate Disney Princess Celebration”, which champions the qualities embodied in the chosen theme, COURAGE & KINDNESS. Two words that truly personify the differently-abled warriors that this campaign exists for.

Travel, both locally and abroad, has the power to transform lives, empower communities, and inspire change both for travellers in their own lives and for host destinations. Everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or disability, should have access to the opportunity to travel and to the physical, emotional, and social benefits of travel. Accessible tourism is a way of making this possible for more people around the world.

‘Accessible tourism enables people with access requirements, including mobility, vision, hearing and cognitive dimensions of access, to function independently and with equity and dignity through the delivery of universally designed tourism products, services and environments. This definition is inclusive of all people including those travelling with children in prams, people with disabilities and seniors’. (Darcy & Dickson, 2009)

We take enormous pride in being an accessible facility.

We know the honour we have working with our animal family, and it is an honour we want to share with every single visitor. It is a place for inspiration, learning and loving… and the fight for conserving these species also personifies COURAGE AND KINDNESS.

Support Casual Day and support accessibility! Help business and travel destinations understand the importance of making their places more accessible. We all need help and suggestions to improve so that we can truly be inclusive to everyone!