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Adoptions, Donations and Bequests


Why not surprise your loved one, or maybe even spoil yourself, with a gift that will be remembered and treasured for many years to come… A gift from nature’s rich heritage “shop”. In so doing you will assist with the conservation of endangered species. Below is a list of various animals that are up for adoption.

  • Cheetah
  • Tiger
  • Lion
  • Pygmy Hippo
  • Lemur
  • Porcupine
  • Vulture
  • Meerkat
  • Crocs .... and more!

We are excited to announce that you can now adopt online!

Adopt a Hero

Funds generated through adoptions provide for the general wellbeing of the animals and the on-going upkeep of Cheetahland and the Jill Bryden-Fayers Breeding Centre.

In order to ensure the successful running of the Cheetah Preservation Foundation, with the aim to ensure the survival of endangered species, it may happen that your chosen adopted animal is privileged enough to have more than one set of adoptive parents. Although your annual sponsorship plays a vital role in the upkeep of this animal, it forms a small part of the actual cost of the animal’s yearly upkeep and therefore the Foundation asks for your understanding in this matter.

Each animal is given a house name at birth along with a studbook number for record keeping purposes. You are given the opportunity of re-naming your adopted animal. It is this name, which will appear on the plaque, which is then placed on our adoption board at the entrance to the Foundation.


  • Photo ID Membership card
  • Free entrance to Cango Wildlife Ranch for the year of your membership
  • Cheetah Chatter Newsletters, quarterly
  • Lapel Pin
  • Privilege of naming your adopted animal.
  • Acknowledgement plaque will be displayed on board in CPF entrance foyer.
  • Guests accompanying member will receive discounted entrance fee
  • 6 Free Encounters of choice during your year of membership, including photo folder on your first visit.
  • Discounted Rate on other encounters
  • Quarterly progress reports and photos of your adopted animal

Terms and Conditions

Memberships are valid for one year from month of purchase. Benefits apply to adopter only unless otherwise stated and are not transferable.

All encounters are subject to availability and are single encounters, i.e do not include combination encounters or specials. Visit to our breeding facility is subject to prior appointment and may not be possible due to our breeding programs. Volunteer program subject to availability and prices subject to change without prior notice.

Standard Membership Discount

  • 10% Discount at Cango Wildlife Ranch outlets i.e. Traders and Curio Shop 
  • 10% Discount on total food bill at our Turtles Restaurant


As a proud conservation and education facility we receive no government funding, which is an enormous challenge with the overheads that we face. People seldom comprehend with the massive costs that we face on a daily basis. Our facility is owned by a family, and receives no government financial aid/funding as a zoological premises. Every day we are faced with exorbitant running costs of maintenance, water, electricity, etc… in addition our primary focus is to ensure that all the animals receive the highest standard medical attention and a calculated varied diet (species-specific) good enough for any human to eat. Our standards are exceptionally high and it all comes at a cost, as do the many hours of labour put in by our over 100 dedicated and animal-loving staff.  Some months are good for us… but unfortunately some months are not as kind, however, we continue to work hard to provide the best for our animals and our tourists.

We receive very few sponsorships and donations in general, but are always grateful for the help that we do receive. We have built our own on-site Animal Care Centre (hospital) which is of massive assistance to us, and the animals. 

Your contribution would definitely positively influence any one of our over 90 species.

For our easy online donations option;



Mission Statement

"To promote and fund the conservation of cheetah and other endangered species through captive breeding, research and public awareness."

Should you wish to include the Cheetah Preservation Foundation in your will, please contact us at:  [email protected]