The Cheetah Preservation Foundation

Our mission: “To promote and fund the conservation of cheetah and other endangered species through captive breeding, research and public awareness.”

The Cheetah Preservation Foundation was founded in 1988, with the principal aim of ensuring the survival of the cheetah and other endangered species, as well as educating our visitors about the plight of the these animals. The Cheetah Preservation Foundation also gives our visitors the opportunity to become pro-active in the conservation of endangered species, by joining as members and thereby contributing financially to our various conservation projects. 

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In the 30 years we've been operating, our phenomenal team have contributed in many ways. Here are just some to name a few:

  • De Wildt / NCCF -Three cheetahs (two males and one female) were received from the National Cheetah Conservation Forum of SA to improve our breeding stock.
  • Namibia - We saved 13 cheetahs which had been caught in trap cages. These cheetahs were destined for certain death, had they not been saved. They were incorporated into our breeding program.
  •  The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens – Jerusalem “Desert”, a hand-raised cheetah from the Ranch was chosen to represent his species in the Holy Land.
  • Auckland Zoo (New Zealand) - Lazarus and Ngala, two male lions from the Ranch now roam “Pridelands” which is their new aptly named enclosure at Auckland Zoo.
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom - 30 Enormous Nile Crocodiles were exported to Disney’s Animal Kingdom prior to the park’s opening in the Spring of 1998.
  • Orana Wildlife Park (New Zealand) - Two wild dog females were transferred to Orana to join their three males named Kaz, George and Julius. The importation introduced new genes to the Regional Breeding program of Australasia.
  • Australian Parks & Wildlife Service - The Cheetah Conservation Foundation assisted ‘Down Under’ by donating money to the Koala Rehabilitation Program after the devastating fires of December 1993.
  • Pilanesberg National Park - Three wild dog males were radio collared and successfully released in the reserve. One of the males became the Alpha male of the pack.
  • Bushmeat Crisis - In July 2002 the Cheetah Conservation Foundation donated R20 000 to the Bushmeat Crisis Working Group to support anti-poaching and anti-bushmeat activities in the Cross River National Park in Nigeria.
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch won the Provincial Lilizela Award for Wildlife Encounters.
  • We are proud to announce that Narinda Pentz, our Assistant Director: Zoological, won the   Bernard Harrison and Friends Award for best professional practice in 2016.

Cango Wildlife Ranch has gratefully accepted 2 prestigious awards from PAAZA (Pan-African Association of Zoos & Aquaria).


In 2017 Craig Gouws (Assistant Zoological Manager and Large Carnivore Curator) won the “Keeper Excellence Award”. This award honours the work of an individual animal keeper, who is an employee who has shown exceptional loyalty, interest and passion for the animals in their care. Craig has been with Cango Wildlife Ranch for almost 20 years, starting as a teenager assisting kids on pony rides, to Tourist Guide and finally seeing him rise to Assistant Zoological Manager. This is commendable and the Ranch is absolutely proud to have him as part of their family.

Secondly, the Tourist Guides won the “Education Award”; an award that honours the work of individual(s) or departments of members who excel in educating the public through relaying conservation awareness, animal and environmental information and the Vision and Mission of the facility in a structured and formal way.


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