Adopt a Hero

We strive toward giving our animals the best possible care - but being privately owned with no grants, our adopters are the actual people who make it possible for us to take care of each individual animal. Any animal on the ranch is eligible for a caretaking adopter, from our Critically endangered Ring-Tailed lemur to our magnificent and Vulnerable Cheetahs.

Funds generated through adoptions provide for the general wellbeing of the animals and the on-going upkeep of Cheetahland and the Jill Bryden-Fayers Breeding Centre.

Meet some of our Adoptees:


Know as being the world's fastest land mammal, these fiery cats have been etched in history. Sadly, there are less than 7000 of the species left in the wild.

Help us to Help them!

Adopt a Cheetah



Our mischievous meerkats are so happy here, that they are now a big family. They have stolen all our hearts and will be sure to steal yours too!


Help us to look after our Meerkat family:



Ring-Tailed Lemurs

Native only to Madagascar, these big personalities need all the help they can get. Their wild habitat is being destroyed at a rapid pace and the effects of human encroachment is devastating. 

We proudly support the Madagascar Fauna & Flora Group, who does amazing work protecting them from what could soon be, extinction.

Adopt a Lemur



Natures Clean-Up Crew

We are home to three different species of Vultures. The Endangered Lappet-Faced Vulture (image), the Endangered Cape Vulture and the Critically Endangered African White-Backed Vulture. 

With each adoption, R500 will be donated to VulPro, an organisation that does amazing work for wild vulture populations!



Nevada, our male snow-white tiger has a heart of gold and the fight of a warrior. He has been a part of our family for over 13 years. We need your help to ensure in his well-being and care, as looking after a big guy like him, is no free-feat.

Adopt a Tiger



Meet more of our Adoptees


In order to ensure the successful running of the Cheetah Preservation Foundation, with the aim to ensure the survival of endangered species, it may happen that your chosen adopted animal is privileged enough to have more than one set of adoptive parents. Although your annual sponsorship plays a vital role in the upkeep of this animal, it forms a small part of the actual cost of the animal’s yearly upkeep and therefore the Foundation asks for your understanding in this matter.

Each animal is given a house name at birth along with a studbook number for record-keeping purposes. You are given the opportunity of re-naming your adopted animal. It is this name, which will appear on the plaque, which is then placed on our adoption board at the entrance to the Foundation.

For any enquiries, please contact us on [email protected]