This delightful little corner of the ranch was designed with one thing and one thing only in mind… children!

Most children dream of having a bunny or guinea pig to cuddle and this is exactly what our farmyard offers. Children are given the opportunity to enter the rabbit enclosure and cuddle to their little hearts’ desires. When the rabbits become old news, they can always venture into the goat enclosure where they can meet our always-hungry Cameroon dwarf goats. Due to the high demand for ‘bunny cuddling’ amongst the young at heart, we also allow adults to enter the enclosures. Make your children and inner-child happy by paying a worthwhile visit to our farmyard.

Jungle-jims, a jumping castle, a waterpark and playground area will keep your children entertained for ages! We also have a small petting zoo with a variety of beloved farm animals. Last but not least, our Tiny Tots area is designed with your little one's safety in mind, with nearby shaded seating for tired parents!