Toddler helps save wildlife!

Posted by Cheetah Preservation Foundation on Thu June 18, 2020 in Cheetah Preservation Foundation NPC.

In the midst of trauma, terror and pandemics, there are always heroes who emerge. Beacons of hope who come in all shapes and sizes and help show humanity the way forward. We saw such a (tiny) hero arise…

Cango Wildlife Ranch has to date, survived the nation-wide lockdown, thanks to the generous donations given by loyal supporters of the facility. Every donation has been celebrated and every donation has helped the facility remain functional. Be that as it may, one stood out amongst the crowd and had the whole team do a double-take.

One morning Carmen Ellis, Manager of The Cheetah Preservation Foundation, received a call from Mrs. Scheepers. Her two-year old daughter Chloë Scheepers heard their cry for help and wanted to help the animals. When her mom asked her which animal she would like to help the most, her pure little heart opted for one of the facilities’ most unorthodox animals… Malcolm, the Marabou Stork!

A bubbly and enthusiastic 2-year old little girl helped… and chose to help the ‘underdog’. In a time where everyone is looking for hope, she proved that it can be found in the littlest of people. Little feet carry the biggest hearts!

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