Feed for Funds | Gaming meets Conservation 19-21 June 2020

Posted by Cheetah Preservation Foundation on Fri June 12, 2020 in Cheetah Preservation Foundation NPC.

In South Africa, COVID-19 restrictions have been ongoing for a harrowing 11 weeks. During this time, the Cango Wildlife Ranch has been without any income, other than donations from our phenomenal supporters, who have been integral in keeping us afloat. Though we are glowing pure gratitude for all the help we have received, we still have a long road ahead before we, or our animals, can breathe easy.

Over 140 staff and 4000 animals depend on our facility.  Known for its animal welfare excellence and as a historic family destination for over 34 years, shutting down is not an option we can accept … That is where our #FundsforFeed Streaming initiative comes in!

Our previous streaming event in April 2020 was a great success and saw us raise over R105,000 (£4,887 / $6,136) for our animals! Now, through our non-profit company The Cheetah Preservation Foundation, we are raising funds for Animal Food specifically! Hence #FundsForFeed. This time, our goal is to raise R50,000 (£2,352 / $2,948) to help keep our animals fed for the month, a serious goal if there ever was one.

From Friday, 19 June to Sunday, 21 June 2020, professional gamers and content creators from across the globe will be working together to help raise funds for our important cause. Utilising their influence as public figures, they can reach a wider audience than we can alone – almost like adding a megaphone to our call for help.  Dubbed Conservation Streamers, they will provide entertainment of all types, from gaming to art, to music – there will be something for everyone! Even one of our own staff members will be streaming from our facility for 24 hours straight! Though many games will be played, some of the streamers will be playing the popular game Planet Zoo, which teaches players how to run a zoo and the importance of conservation.

Cango Wildlife Ranch will also be live-streaming virtual tours on Facebook & YouTube where the public can enjoy first-hand virtual introductions to the animals cared for at the facility. Viewers are encouraged, across all platforms, to interact and chat with the streamers and Cango Wildlife Ranch staff – we miss people!

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All funds raised for the Cango Wildlife Ranch and Cheetah Preservation Foundation specifically will be used accordingly to maintain the facility, it’s employees, and animals as they see fit.