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Posted by Cheetah Preservation Foundation on Thu August 29, 2019 in Cheetah Preservation Foundation NPC.

As the last generation to change the future of our natural world, no business can operate without contributing in one way or the other to assist in saving the most valuable thing the human race has - our very delicate eco-system.

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Apart from involving your business in the greater good of the environment, we have a registered Section 18A non-profit company - which means you get tax benefits when helping us!

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The proof is in the pudding - what do we do?

  • In the 30 years we've been operating, our phenomenal team have contributed in many ways. Here are just some to name a few
  • In July 2002 the Cheetah Preservation Foundation donated R20 000 to the Bushmeat Crisis Working Group to support anti-poaching and anti-bush meat activities in the Cross-river national park in Nigeria
     Donated funds for the cheetah collar program
     Donated funds to the Cape Leopard Trust (an NGO saving the Cape leopard) annually
  • In September 2014 a major contribution was made towards the rescuing and translocation of 2 lion cubs from Spain to a sanctuary in South Africa – a mercy mission run by the Campaign Against Canned Hunting
    Contributions towards the Cheetah Meta-population run by the Endangered Wildlife Trust
  • Contributions to the Madagascan Fauna and Flora Group as the only member organisation in Africa which supports this organisation annually
  •  Pilansberg National Park, South Africa (Gus Mills): - three Wild Dog males were donated to establish the first captive-bred/wild mixed pack released in the reserve. One of these males became the Alpha male, and the pack continues to grow from strength to strength.
  • Australian Parks & Wildlife Service: - the Cheetah Conservation Foundation assisted ‘Down Under’ by donating money to the Koala Rehabilitation Program after the devastating fires of December 1993.
  • Cheetah Outreach Program, Africa received Shadow, a hand-raised cheetah from the Cango Wildlife Ranch, to be used as an ambassador for raising awareness of the plight of Cheetah in the wild through their educational programs.

Annual Donations towards Conservation

  • November 2016 the CPF donated to Cape Leopard Trust (R 5 000-000)
  • September 2016 the CPF donated to Vulpro (R 5 000-00)
  • November 2016 the CPF donated to EWT – Cheetah Metapopulation Project (R 10 00-00)
  • December 2016 the CPF donated to MFG (R 34 655-50)
  • Fundraiser: 36ONE Mountain Bike Challenge to promote NPO                                    
  • May 2017 the CPF donated to Vulpro (R 2 500-00)
  • May 2017 the CPF donated to MFG (R 2 500-00)
  • May 2017 the CPF donated to Cape Leopard Trust (R 2 500-00)                            
  • September 2017 the CPF donated to Vulpro (R 2 500-00) Schools Colouring Competition
  • January 2017 the CPF donated to MFG ($1000-000)
  • January 2018 the CPF donated to MFG (R 23 459-79)
  • December 2018 the CPF donated to MFG (R 14 453-50)
  • February 2019 the CPF donated to Vulpro for Flamingos from Kimberly & Karoolus – a tropic bird found in the Karoo (R 5000-00)

Apart from external impact, we house various endangered species and act as a safety net for their survival

As a proud conservation and education facility, we receive no government funding, which is an enormous challenge with the overheads that we face. Our primary focus is to ensure that all the animals receive the highest standard medical attention and a calculated varied diet (species-specific) good enough for any human to eat. Our standards are exceptionally high and it all comes at a cost, as do the many hours of labour put in by our over 100 dedicated and animal-loving staff.  Some months are good for us… but unfortunately some months are not as kind, however, we continue to work hard to provide the best for our animals and our tourists.

Below are just some of the costs:
1. Animal supplement budget annually is close to R 40 000-00

2. Vet bill per month is approximately R 20 000 / R 240 000-00 annually

3. Animal feeding budget annually is close to R 800 000-00

We use:
50 Tonnes of Meat annually 
2 Ton Carrots annually 
2 Ton Apples annually 
2 Ton Pears annually
1 Ton Cucumber annually 
1 Ton Mielies annually
1 Ton Bananas annually

What Now?

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