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Speckles turns 10!

Posted by Cheetah Preservation Foundation on Fri September 21, 2018 in Cheetah Preservation Foundation NPC.

A perfect gift for the sweetest animal at our facility. Speckles,our Spotted-Necked Otter, turns 10 on the 30th of September and we're doing all we can to make it memorable!

"Speckles has been due for a home upgrade for some time, and we are ecstatic to say that we now have the space to give it to her! Sadly, we still have a way to go in gathering funds to complete the whole move. This would be the perfect 10th birthday gift for her bright spirit."
Carmen Ellis, Cheetah Preservation Foundation manager.

More about her new enclosure:

The proper land to water ratio our beloved Speckles needs is 4:1, and the enclosure below is going to provide just that balance as per regulations. But, as you'll note, we have a lot of maintenance to do to get this new enclosure “into shape”.

So what still needs to happen?

  • The wall at the back (below), needs repairing.
  • We are adding proper, healthy soil to this enclosure. We were very fortunate to have received 6 cubes to the value of R 5000 from Grow Green Organics, but it has not covered the entire section, and we will need at least another 7 cubes.
  • The dam is a great size, and needs some maintenance to ensure Speckles is safe,
  • An electric fence will be added, and
  • we will also have to retouch the rock art and add plants.

This project is quite costly, but one we cannot postpone any longer. Speckles is such a delight to all who meet her during the guided tours and she will now be in the very first enclosure as you exit the temple in the Valley of Ancients. A starlet in her own right, we are hoping to make her new year of life even better than 


How can you help?

We need all the help we can get... Whether it be a R 50 or a R 500 it really will go a long way!

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