International Tiger Day | 29 July 2018

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International Tiger Day | 29 July 2018

Tigers have always been known as the most powerful beings in the forest, yet the Javan, Bali & Caspian Tigers have not survived mankind - and things are not looking up at all for the rest of Tiger species.

Although they are protected by wildlife laws their numbers keep decreasing.

We would like to make sure that extinction remains just a word in the dictionary - but we need your help!


Bengal tigers are hunted illegally because their skin and some body parts are considered useful for traditional Asian medicine. Besides this, Bengal tigers also face population fragmentation, habitat loss, and destruction of their usual prey.


We are proud to be a home to two white Bengal tigers, Taji & Nevada, who are survivors of their kind. They have the massive role of educating thousands of learners and visitors on the plight of their kind. Looking after them is a massive responsibility and an even bigger privilege - though it's not always an easy task. 

Their monthly care costs accumulate to approximately R 3000 per tiger.

Just some of the items required to adequately take care of this endangered animals are;

  • Predator powder (necessary vitamins) 
  • Meat
  • Veterinary bills
  • Refrigeration
  • Parasite Control
  • Maintenance
  • Care Training
  • Water (for those lush pools)

You can help! 

A. By adopting a snow-white Bengal Tiger you are directly involved in ensuring their well being! 

Adopt a Tiger


B. Donating towards this cause!



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For any questions, assistance or just a long chat about how amazing animals are, please contact'

Carmen Ellis,

Cheetah Preservation Foundation Manager

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