A promise to our animals...

Posted by Cango on Thu December 21, 2017 in Cango Wildlife Ranch - Out & About.

Cango Wildlife Ranch is a multi-accredited zoological facility and we uphold a high animal care standard.
With this we also have the important responsibility of educating the general public on every animal we house.

We always strive to set the bar of animal care as high as can possibly be attained - this is a formal practice which has been moulded for the past 30 years and is validated by various accreditations and practice regulations.

That being said... We have now taken our animal care standards to a whole new level as we are making our commitment public...

As you enter our facility, after being greeted by our friendly guides, you'll walk straight into a very important and beautiful new landmark - our Animal Welfare Commitment Statement. Smack-Bam in the middle for all to see, our passionate staff and volunteers made a promise of their own. Over 100 staff and Wild Animal volunteers signed and made a commitment to the welfare of our animals.

It reads:  

I will....

  • Strive to provide the highest level of training to staff in order to achieve standards of excellence in the welfare for all animals in our care
  • Work alongside international professionals to research and record procured data and experience in order to become leaders in animal welfare
  • Create environments that cater for species specific behavioral and physical needs

With over 90 species of animals, this commitment will help to reinforce the standard of care and compassion every species receive on a day-to-day basis. More than that, we can rest-assured that the people who are the core of making our multi-faceted company a success, stand for exactly the same standard - the best possible care for our animals.

“The work done at the ranch by our dedicated staff takes on a whole new meaning when you realize that the people involved in saving animals and educating the general public, will never see the result of their work in their lifetime. Never the less, we will keep on doing our best to ensure that extinction becomes just another word in the dictionary and not a reality. We have seen man do terrible things but we also know that man is capable of great things and it is towards greatness that we at the Cango Wildlife Ranch strive.”
~ Andrew Eriksen (Owner, Founder, Conservationist)