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Endangered Animals of Cango Wildlife Ranch

Posted by Cango on Thu May 16, 2019 in Cango Wildlife Ranch - Out & About.

With World Endangered Species Day in the air, we thought we'd honor our endangered animals.

Species:  Axolotl

Status: Critically Endangered

Threats: Habitat Loss / Human consumption 

Hi, my name is Lourens a.k.a walking fish, and I'm native from Mexico. There is only one lake in the world that my kind calls home... Lake Xochimilco. But things aren't looking up for us there at the moment thanks to the pollution and urban sprawl that threatens our habitat in the Mexican Basin.

Your scientists think we're really interesting, because we've got some serious regeneration qualities. 



Species: Radiated Tortoise

Status: Critically Endangered

Threats: Habitat Loss / Illegal Pet Trade / Human Consumption

Yellooo! We're newborns to this world and have heard that our hatching was a big deal for conservation. We've got really cool shells, which is why they say we are known as the most beautiful tortoise species in the world.


Species: Black & White Ruffed Lemur

Status: Critically Endangered

Threats: Habitat Loss / Slash & Burn

Hi! I'm Jo and well known amongst my caretakers as a charmer. I'm the biggest of my species and love tree-hopping. So much so that my long-tail was specially chosen for me to ensure I have better balance when playing about.


Species: African White Backed Vulture

Status: Critically Endangered

Threats: Poaching for cultural healing Poisoning / Habitat Loss

'Sup? I've heard my caretakers say that over 90% of my kind have been wiped out in West Africa - that's pretty scary! I mean no harm and never have - in fact, my diet is 100% eco-friendly because I recycle meat from carcasses. 


Species: Lappet-Faced Vulture

Status: Endangered 

Threats: Poisoning / Habitat Loss / Poaching

Hi sweetie! I've got the largest wingspan of all vultures and am a beautiful baldy - because no one likes gunk sticking on their heads.  My locals also know me as a Nubian Vulture / Swart Aasvoël


Species: Cape Vulture

Status: Endangered

Threats: Poisoning / Habitat Loss / Poaching

Hi darling! Did you know I'm endemic only to SA and nowhere else in the world?! I'm so mysterious, that you can't even tell males from females without DNA testing... But luckily my caretakers wanted to know more about me  - a fabulous lady!


Species: Ring-Tailed Lemur

Status: Endangered

Threats: Habitat loss / Slash & Burn

My species is known as one of the worlds best pollinators -  yeah we're dope like that! My tail has 26 black & white rings exactly with 13 black and 13 white stripes. 


Species: Pygmy Hippo

Status: Endangered

Threats: Bushmeat Crisis

Family of the Nile Hippo the Pygmy Hippo I'm not less dangerous at all. I am, however, only half as tall as the common hippo and weigh less than a ¼ of my larger cousin. I weigh between 180-260kg as opposed to 2000kg. 


Species: Bengal Tiger

Status: Endangered

Threats: Poaching / Habitat Loss

Sooo thirsty! I just love water - I love swimming too! 

Did you know my stripes are as unique to me as your fingerprints?



We also house the following endangered animals:

- Cheetah

- Large Flying Foxes

- African Leopard

- African Lions

- Spotted Necked Otter

- Grey-Winged Trumpeter