Youth Day 2018 | Accessibility

Posted on Mon July 2, 2018 in Cango Wildlife Ranch - Out & About.

Every year on 16 June, South Africa commemorates the 1976 student uprisings to pay tribute to hundreds of youth who were brutally killed. The theme this year, “Live the Legacy: Towards a socio-economically empowered youth”.

This year we hosted more than 250 youth at our facility on a complimentary basis. We decided to focus on children, schools and projects that cater to those with special needs. We are very proud to be a fully wheelchair accessible facility and are striving to improve our tours to cater towards more varied abilities.

This year we reached out to:

* Sonskyn Day Care Centre - (APD) Association for Persons with Disabilities strives towards an inclusive society in which persons with disabilities are equal and active citizens.
* Legacy Centre
* Up with Down's - is a special needs school for children with Down Syndrome. The School acknowledges each child’s own potential and works in collaboration with the parents to build each child’s Individualised Education Program (IEP).

Most people look at the word “disabled” and assume it means “less able.” It doesn’t. It is in fact our society who have failed to see that people with different abilities are not disabled, but instead, differently-abled.

Facilities not adapting to accessibility, are the ones who are disabled.

This Youth Day, we had the honour of welcoming remarkable kids and the people who empower them.