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International Vulture Day 2018

Posted on Mon August 27, 2018.

On the first Saturday of September every year, we celebrate International Vulture Awareness Day.

Why do we need to preserve these endangered birds?

"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder"

There is a common perception that vultures are unattractive and ugly, when in fact - it's our point of reference that is biased. Without Vultures, pests would raid, disease would spread, our waters would become contaminated and the whole ecosystem would be compromised! They are natures cleanup crew and are vital and beautiful in their own right. 

Vultures form an important ecological component of our natural environment, cleaning up dead carcasses and decreasing the spread of some diseases.Today, vultures face an unprecedented onslaught from human activities. They have to cope with electrocutions and collisions with electrical structures, poisonings, land-use changes, a decrease in food availability and exposure to toxicity through veterinary drugs, to list just a few of some of the challenges facing vultures today.

Vultures, positioned at the top of the food chain, are an indicator of the health of the environment below them – and dependent for their survival on a healthy environment.

Every year we highlight the plight of this species and through adoptions we generate funds for VulPro. With the many threats vultures are facing throughout southern Africa, vulture rehabilitation has become an essential part of VulPro’s work.

We feel very strongly about this cause and will be donating R 500-00 of every Vulture adoption towards Vulpro.

How can you help?!

1. By helping us raise awareness! Share their story and appreciate their importance. 

2. You can donate any amount towards their cause      Donate

3. You can adopt one of our handsome Vultures!          Adopt a Hero


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