Our Animal Care Team

Posted on Tue October 3, 2017.

Meet the worlds' BEST animal care team!!

One day will never be enough to commend you for all your hard work.

Narinda Beukes - Assistant Director - Zoological a.k.a. the BOSS

Craig Gouws - Assistant Zoological Manager (responsible for Cats)

Delano Mulder - Curator (responsible for birds & small mammals)

Neal Martin - Curator (responsible for reptiles)

Tamblyn Williams - Assistant Curator 


With so many accolades amongst them, you'll search very far & wide to beat their dedication!

Just to name a few -

2016 - Narinda Beukes, our Assistant Director: Zoological, won the Bernard Harrison and Friends Award for best professional practice  by Pan-African Association of Zoos & Aquaria
2017 - Craig Gouws won the Keeper Excellence Award by Pan-African Association of Zoos & Aquaria