Streamers Fundraising for Conservation

Posted on Tue April 28, 2020.

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is #StreamingForConservation and providing Live Virtual Tours to viewers around the world to raise funds and awareness for our animals!

Join our animal curators and interact with them as they share their stories about working at Cango and showcase their favourite animals. Learn what it's like to be a zookeeper first hand and see our animals as you never have before!

Please find below all links to Donation options.

If you are in South Africa:



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Anywhere else in the world:



Direct EFT:
The Cheetah Preservation Foundation
409 1568 467
Branch Code/ Routing: 632005
91 York St, George Central, 6529, Western Cape, South Africa

Reference: your email address – We’d love to thank you!

Thank you very much from the Cango Wildlife Ranch Family!