Streaming for Conservation | Press Release

Posted on Thu April 23, 2020.

OUDTSHOORN, South Africa – Can playing video games help animal conservation? If you’re part of the innovative team at the Cango Wildlife Ranch, then the answer is yes! In one of the first events of its kind, this animal conservation facility is teaming up with live streamers from around the world to raise awareness and funds to battle the COVID-19 lockdown and the effects thereof.

Using social media platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, and Mixer; over 30 content creators will be livestreaming video games, playing music, and drawing art to keep viewers entertained, engaged, and encouraging donations. One streamer will even be editing photos of the animals at Cango Wildlife for 48 hours straight! The Wildlife Ranch will also be livestreaming mini-tours and info sessions, that the streamers and public can tune into to enjoy first-hand virtual introductions to the animals cared for at the facility. Viewers are encouraged, across all platforms, to interact and chat with the streamers and Wildlife Ranch staff.

This effort comes from a dire need to keep CWR going during this difficult time. The global COVID-19 lockdowns have caused tourism numbers to plummet world-wide. Facilities like the Cango Wildlife Ranch, and their non-profit division The Cheetah Preservation Foundation, rely on tourist contributions to care for their animals, and without funding, inevitable closure looms. “Despite the costs, our animals deserve and are given the best care possible. With this economic downturn and lockdown, quite simply no visitors = no income and we are therefore reaching out for assistance to care for our animal family.

As one of only two facilities in Africa to hold both PAAZA accreditation (Pan Africa Association of Zoo’s and Aquaria) and membership with WAZA (World Association of Zoo’s and Aquariums), they receive no government funding and are self-sustaining. The facilities primary focus is animal care, public education and environmental awareness – all evident in their ethos and actions. Cango Wildlife Ranch’s values of “Conserve, Care and Connect”, apply to the streaming campaign and is aimed at reaching all ages and walks of life to encourage togetherness and community with a common goal. With all that’s going on in the world, who could ask for a better distraction? Interactive fun while helping a great cause!

The facility is in awe of the positive response of eager streamers wanting to assist the staff and animals at Cango Wildlife. All proceeds generated from the event will fund the upkeep of the facility, food and medical treatment for the animals. This event will take place all weekend from 24-26 April 2020!

To find out how you can get involved, follow this link:

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