CANGOTHON 22 - 25 JULY 2021!

Posted on Fri July 2, 2021.

We are fundraising this year for Cango Wildlife Ranch! The pandemic has hit them hard and they need help to make sure they can keep caring for their furry family!

A group of amazing streams and volunteers have come together to raise funds and make a difference in the lives of these animals!



It all started just over one year ago when Cango Wildlife Ranch was suddenly forced to close its doors for the very first South African COVID-19 lockdown.

We needed to feed over 4000 animals with zero income. It was time that we had to think outside of the box and soon we invented the idea to raise awareness and funds for our cause through online game streaming. 

The event in April 2020 was a great success and saw us raise over R105,000 (£4,887 / $6,136) for our animals! 

We managed to make it thus far, but tourism in South Africa is very far from recovery and it has been an ongoing struggle ever since to feed our animals.

During our first streaming event, we met one of the most amazing people in the game streaming industry, called PaulsLey, creator of PaulsLey Gaming. Whilst he has been playing video games from a very young age, 2018 was the year that he decided to share his game playing online. He likes to play games that require concentration and thought, not to mention a complex management system. A good day always includes some planning!  He shares not only game-play but also modding ideas and tutorials. Sharing info and ideas about games is one of the best parts of gaming communities. The other part? Helping us raise funds and awareness out of the total goodness of their hearts. 



PaulsLey has decided to create and spearhead the streaming event; Cangothon 2021. We are in awe and forever indebted to the amazing PaulsLey team, his peers, and all his followers who share his passion for gaming and Cango Wildlife Ranch alike!

Check out these amazing videos which Paulsley created for the cause:


Come Along and Feed the Lemurs!


To read more about the event, follow the link: Cangothon!


To donate towards the cause, please make use of the following options:



Direct EFT:
The Cheetah Preservation Foundation
409 1568 467
Branch Code/ Routing: 632005
91 York St, George Central, 6529, Western Cape, South Africa

Reference: your email address – They would love to thank you!

- Please note that donating this way will not pop up on streams but will be counted in the final totals.