Our exploration starts in the ruins of The Great Temple... Many years ago an ancient tribe built this temple to protect a hidden valley filled with wondrous animals. Here they performed human sacrifices to the river god Nyami Nyami whose statues still guard the entrance today.

In 1835 explorers discovered the valley and soon exploited the natural resources and people. Trading stores were established and diamonds were recovered from the riverbeds using specially designed crocodile-proof cages. At some point (and we’re not sure when) – everyone in the valley disappeared. Some say the river god became angry at the devastation and destroyed all who lived here.

In 2006 the valley was rediscovered and it is here that we will be traveling - hopefully with lessons learnt... so that we do not anger the Nyami Nyami as well. And without further ado, follow us into the Valley of Ancients…

Zimbakwe Temple Ruins

 A tropical house inhabited by giant flying foxes, the shy blue duiker and a magnificent tank offering you an underwater view of Malawian cichlids and baby Nile crocodiles, will be your first encounter as you enter this ancient temple.

Vulture Cliffs

 Our resident Marabou stork, has moved to this exciting exhibit and now share their new home with endangered Cape Vultures.

Snapper Gorge



Venture over this deadly gorge via a suspension bridge while 4 meter Nile crocodiles keep a close watch on you from the Cage Diving pool below. Meet the Valley’s largest carnivores: Hannibal, Ma Baker and Sweet Sue. It is also here that you are given the only opportunity in the world to get close, very close ... to these super predators during a Croc Cage Dive.

croc cage



Croc Cage diving Encounter

This thrilling experience is available for persons 14 years and older. We also have a parent/child combo if children are aged 8-13years.

Please refer to our rates page for all the prices.

Lemur Island

Lemur IslandLemur Island

Lemur Island

See the rare Madagascar Ring-tailed Lemurs in the exotic setting of Lemur Island, depicting the environment of Madagascar. Experience the lemur’s haunting sound and staring eyes which led early explorers to think of them as ghosts...

Sharing Lemur Island is a group of Greater Flamingos who will dazzle you with their pink plumage.

Pygmy Hippo Village


Be enticed into the heart of Africa with the Congo as your next stop where Pygmy Hippos lurk in the murky water. The rare and elusive Pygmy Hippo, once thought to be a baby Nile Hippo, was only classified as a species in 1911. They are magnificent creatures...and what they lack in size... they make up for in attitude!


Jumping Jaws



See these mighty beasts leap for their lunch and stand in awe of the bravery of your guides as they encourage huge Nile crocodiles to take meat from their hands while standing on a moving jetty!


Valley of Ancients promises to be so much more than you expect. The Valley was developed with only one thing in mind – to entertain you, the visitor, and is a thrilling experience for the whole family.

Should you have any queries with regards to the Valley of Ancients, please contact us or use our enquiries page.

Valley of Ancients – start your experience today… if you dare...
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