• The Cheetah Preservation Foundation


A little goes a long way... In the 30 years we've been operating, our phenomenal team have contributed in many ways. Here are just some to name a few;

  • De Wildt / NCCF -Three cheetahs (two males and one female) were received from the National Cheetah Conservation Forum of SA to improve our breeding stock.
  • Namibia - We saved 13 cheetahs which had been caught in trap cages. These cheetahs were destined for certain death, had they not been saved. They were incorporated into our breeding program.
  • The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens – Jerusalem “Desert”, a hand-raised cheetah from the Ranch was chosen to represent his species in the Holy Land.
  • Auckland Zoo (New Zealand) - Lazarus and Ngala, two male lions from the Ranch now roam “Pridelands” which is their new aptly named enclosure at Auckland Zoo.
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom - 30 Enormous Nile Crocodiles were exported to Disney’s Animal Kingdom prior to the park’s opening in the Spring of 1998.
  • Orana Wildlife Park (New Zealand) - Two wild dog females were transferred to Orana to join their three males named Kaz, George and Julius. The importation introduced new genes to the Regional Breeding program of Australasia.
  • Australian Parks & Wildlife Service - The Cheetah Conservation Foundation assisted ‘Down Under’ by donating money to the Koala Rehabilitation Program after the devastating fires of December 1993.
  • Pilanesberg National Park - Three wild dog males were radio collared and successfully released in the reserve. One of the males became the Alpha male of the pack.
  • Bushmeat Crisis - In July 2002 the Cheetah Conservation Foundation donated R20 000 to the Bushmeat Crisis Working Group to support anti-poaching and anti-bushmeat activities in the Cross River National Park in Nigeria.
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch won the Provincial Lilizela Award for Wildlife Encounters.
  • We are proud to announce that Narinda Pentz, our Assistant Director: Zoological, won the Bernard Harrison and Friends Award for best professional practice in 2016.