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Ruffing it at Cango Wildlife Ranch!

25 April 2012

Ruffing it at Cango Wildlife Ranch!

On Tuesday, 17 April, one of our Cango vehicles pulled into the ranch after collecting some very special cargo from George Airport. We waited anxiously for the crate to be offloaded and once in their temporary enclosure, we released the two beautiful little primates. Six month old Black and White ruffed lemurs! This precious pair of lemurs crept out of their box and immediately pounced on our curator Toni Inggs, snuggling into her and sharing hugs and kisses. These two, with their bright big eyes and beautiful natures, are already ranch favourites!

This novel duo, appropriately named Napoleon and Josephine, are the first of many lemurs to arrive at the ranch for our all-new and exciting exhibit opening in May of this year. This exhibit will be a brand new division of the ranch – one that is sure to excite, entice and inspire the whole family! Without hesitation… we would like to introduce to you… Lemur Falls!

Once you cross the rapids of the mighty Lemur Falls and enter Madagascar’s primeval forest, you will delve into the habitat of the rare and exquisite lemur species. From the fun-loving Ring-tailed, to the majestic Black and White Ruffs, you will experience a gentle encounter like no other in Africa!  This interactive lemur exhibit offers the public the rare but wonderful opportunity to experience natural encounters with these unique and exotic creatures…all while we capture it on camera for you.

Currently we are dodging a variety of obstacles… from bulldozers to palm trees – and in just a few weeks it will be all worth it. All lemur species have been declared as endangered, therefore, our goal with Lemur falls is to promote the conservation of these exotic animals through education, and to raise as much awareness as possible on behalf of the Madagascar Fauna and Flora group.

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is renowned for its world-class natural encounters with a variety of ambassador species, and we are proud to add lemurs to this list. The R2 million project of creating Lemur Falls  is well worth all the blood, sweat and tears, and we are eager to positively contribute to the preservation of these Madagascan species.

Napoleon and Josephine love interacting with people, and their sheer curiosity and adorable personalities make you wish you could take them home! You unfortunately cannot …but you can visit them at Lemur Falls, in May! Stay tuned for more info and our latest arrivals!

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