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Lemur Falls Interactive Lemur Exhibit

Lemur Falls

Built at a total cost of R2 million, the world class Lemur Falls is the only interactive lemur exhibit on the continent!!!

The exhibit themed to replicate a Madagascan forest… is entered by crossing a large river teaming with birdlife such as spoonbills and whistling ducks - which are native to the exotic island…while volcanic rock waterfalls provide an impressive backdrop to the indigenous Betselio Village bordering the primeval forest. As you glance across the forest you will see dozens of piercing eyes staring back at you from the high indigenous Madagascan trees. We house 3 species of lemurs, from the ring-tails to the black and white ruffs as well as the inquisitive brown lemurs. We offer you the unique opportunity to be face-to-face with these beautiful and rare primates while our experience department capture this moment on camera for you.

The aim of this exciting development is to continue providing the experience of memorable encounters at the Ranch with unique and endangered animals whilst drawing attention to their plight in the wild of Madagascar. We have also proudly entered into an agreement with the Madagascan Fauna Group – whereby a portion of the funds generated through the lemur encounter programs will be donated to the MFG (Madagascar Fauna Group) to go towards their conservation efforts regarding saving lemurs in Madagascar.
This wonderful encounter opportunity is open to children 5 years and older, and is a great experience for the whole family for any day of the year! Where better to love a lemur....than Lemur Falls!

Brown Lemurs

Lemur encounter

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Lemur Encounter Lemur Encounter Lemur Encounter Lemur Encounter
Lemur Encounter Lemur Encounter Lemur Encounter Lemur Encounter


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